Atlantic AirVenture

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    Atlantic AirVenture
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Atlantic AirVenture is an Aviation Museum, Aviation Education Centre and Flight Simulation Centre. Their existing website was in need of a fabulous Fractalise makeover to do them justice!

Fractalise developed a new Atlantic AirVenture logo¬†for use on their new website and promotional material. The new circular emblem is ideal for printing on t-shirts and badges! The AvKids segment of Atlantic AirVenture has been given a new lease of life with it’s own circular logo. In addition, we re-sculpted their website on WordPress. The site is light and airy; full of social media and immersive photos. We worked closely with AAV to re-organise the page structure to ensure nothing was hidden away. Each internal section has it’s own theme to create a feeling of consistency and organisation for the user. Responsivity is integral to the site so it can be browsed on any conceivable device.

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